To get married for a day in Amsterdam!

You will love it; so romantic, so much fun and so many pictures to share and treasure!


We have 3 pricing options:

Bronze; 45 minutes and € 75
Including switching into bridal wear, a short ceremony without personal speech, wedding rings and 1 photo.

Silver: 60 minutes and € 100, including changing into wedding dresses, ceremony with personal speech, exchange of rings and 1 photo

Gold: 75 minutes and € 125 , like silver, but we take a lot of photos and there is more time for everything.

What do you get: 

We have over 40 wedding dresses in various sizes and styles. We have men’s jacquets and top hats. You can choose a nice ring that you can keep. During the ceremony you can choose 1 song that we play when you walk the red carpet. Due to the corona, up to 4 people can participate and 1 of your group will help the bride change her wedding dress.
To be sure; It is not a valid marriage, it is only for the experience, for pleasure and for love.

To make it easier for you, I have made an English booking link.

Text me if you need more help +31-6-81893184

With love,



Onze love chapel is in "Het Paleis 180"

Tweede Oosterparkstraat 180



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