Get married for the day!

You will be ‘married’ in a romantic and fun ceremony, not legally binding, but with everything a real wedding needs: Wedding dresses, rings (to keep), a speech, backdrop, etc.

Experience what it feels like to be married! Or celebrate your wedding aniversary. This is a unique and lovely way to celebrate your love and never forget Amsterdam. 

Don’t need to prepare anything but your reservation.  Check our schedule here.

Last minute booking? Text us! 

“I urge anybody visiting Amsterdam with a loved one to get married for a day, it was a truly unique experience! I thought it would be a great suprise to get married again. I was right as the wedding was a complete success! Big thank you to Wed and Walk for making our final evening in Amsterdam so unforgettable.” 

Denholm & Fiona

We provide: 

  • Wedding dresses (XS,S,M,L,XL), veils, tail coats, top hats
  • Lovely wedding backdop
  • A ceremony with personal speech
  • Rings to keep as a memento
  • 1 print of your wedding kiss
  • If you book the longer ceremony: lots of photo’s taken
  • Bring guests: max 4 with the basic ceremony and max 8 with the extra ceremony.


✓  45min (incl. dressing)
✓   1 printed photo
✓  Max. 2 maids
         Extra photos
         Extra time to reminisce


✓  75min (incl. getting dressed)
✓  1 printed photo
✓  Extra photos
✓  Max. 8 guests
✓  Extra time to reminisce