Mock wedding in Amsterdam!

You will love it; so romantic and so much fun!


What can you expect:

We welcome you, show you around, and then take whoever wants to change into a wedding dress to our dressing room. We have over 50 wedding dresses in various sizes and styles. (XS-XXL) You can try the veils and tiaras. We make sure you will have a matching wedding bouquet (to throw!)

You can choose a nice ring that you can keep.

During the ceremony, you can choose 1 song that we play when you have your red carpet moment.

We write a short personal speech for you, you can exchange vows, exchange rings and get to do the firs kiss! 

You can bring up to 12 people and it will take 45-75 minutes.

To be sure; It is not a real marriage, it is only for the experience, for insta, and for love.


With love,